Working together to build a stronger future for the organizations that support our community.

“At Volker Stevin Canada, we embrace our position as a highly-visible, responsible, and compassionate corporate citizen. For more than four decades, our people and our company have been intertwined into the fabric of the communities that we serve here in Western Canada. The range of services we deliver are foundations that include building, growing, supporting, and safety for our communities. Therefore, supporting community events, and charitable organizations is a natural extension of what we are already doing in our daily operations.”

- Fred Desjarlais, Senior VP/COO Volker Stevin Canada

Volker Stevin was awarded a Buddy Up trophy from the Centre for Suicide Prevention.

Buddy Up

Sadly, we lost a long-standing employee to suicide in the summer of 2020. This event really emphasized the importance of doing something, so we joined forces with the Buddy Up project run by the Centre for Suicide Prevention.

We have been promoting the campaign through encouraging our team to ask a buddy; “how are you really doing?” We have a focus group working with our Operations Safety Excellence Committee, and now offer free online training to all employees, and schedule seminars periodically as well.

The Buddy Up campaign has made a big difference in how we interact with each other, both on the job, and outside of work hours.

Kids Cancer Care logo

Kids Cancer Care, Close to our Hearts

Kids Cancer Care is one of the largest childhood cancer research funders in Canada. The foundation offers year-round, and summer camp outreach programs, and services to Alberta families. They are dedicated to supporting the entire continuum of childhood cancer, fighting the disease on all fronts, with laughter at camp, the best treatments at the hospital, innovative science in the lab, and brighter futures through education support and post-secondary scholarships.

Team Highwaymen in the 2019 Camp Kindle Pursuit fundraiser for Kids Cancer Care

The Volker Stevin Highways team participated in the 2018, and 2019 Camp Kindle Pursuit fundraisers. Through generous donations of friends, family, co-workers, and suppliers the team was able to raise a combined total of almost $ 8,000 for Kids Cancer Care.

Variety – The Children’s Charity of Alberta

Volker Stevin Contracting has always been an active member of the communities that it builds, and lives in. Variety – The Children’s Charity of Alberta enables children living with physical, developmental, emotional or learning challenges to be an active part of their community. These objectives are met through education, advocacy, and community outreach. Providing services, and resources where we can to support this vision aligns with our goal of building better communities in Calgary, and surrounding area.

TEPF – The Educational Partnership Foundation

TEPF (The Educational Partnership Foundation) has played an active role in creating relevant partnerships between the business community, and educators to create, and deliver strong educational initiatives. They provide books, encourage reading with special programs and challenges to kids, and offer hands-on learning experiences in various skilled trades in partnership with local trade unions. Volker Stevin Contracting has supported TEPF through their annual Legends for Learners golf tournament. This tournament helps TEPF reach 740,000 youth in Alberta.